Why do Mexicans cut lawns so well?

Answer Its because they are good at cutting everything like, Cutting across the border, Cutting people off in traffic, Cutting people heads off, Cutting the fence at the Border.

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Why are people soo mean too mexicans!!! ?

idk. im Mexican too. its just those white racist bastards. their uglier then us ******* rednecks. it sickens me. i hope all those racist bastards like bush and mitt romney burn in hell.

How many Mexicans were in the Alamo?

On Feb. 23, 1836, Mexican general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his army of 1,500 to 2,000 Mexican troops marched into San Antonio de Bexar. Texan forces numbering less than 200 resisted the Mexi... Read More »

Do Mexicans need a visa for Spain?

Mexican citizens need a visa to enter Spain. However, this rule does not apply to Europeans. Spain is part of the European Union (EU), along with 26 other European countries. All citizens of the EU... Read More »

When did Mexicans first join the U.S military?

when the United States "annexed" northern Mexico ie California,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona, Colorado,Nevada,wyoming,Utah. There are still many Mexican descended Military personnel serving in the US mi... Read More »