How many Mexican soldiers died at the Alamo?

Answer The exact number of Mexican solders who died during the Battle of the Alamo is not known. Total casualties at the Alamo for Mexican soldiers both wounded and killed is around 600, while total soldi... Read More »

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How many Mexican troops died in the Mexican-American war?

The number of Mexican troops who died during the Mexican-American War is estimated at about 25,000. Most of these deaths were the result of disease, which was rampant during the two-year conflict.S... Read More »

How many men died at the Alamo?

At the battle of the Alamo, it is believed that 189 Texans died defending the fort. However, it is possible this number was as high as 250. Mexican casualties are believed to have exceeded 600.Sour... Read More »

How many Americans died at the Alamo?

Records archived at the Alamo document 189 defenders of the fort died during the historic 1836 battle. Twenty-nine of those defenders are known to have been born outside of the United States, and t... Read More »

How many Mexicans died in the Alamo?

While there are no official numbers for the number of Mexican government soldiers who died at the Battle of the Alamo, most historical estimates put the number at around 70. The Battle of the Alamo... Read More »