How many Megabits are there in a megabyte?

Answer 1 megabyte = 8 megabits

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How many pictures does a 128 megabits sd cardhold?

its called mega bytes..if the pictures are about 1mb each, you will get 128 pictures. they tend to be bigger. i'd say about 80pictures depending on the quality

What's the difference between megabits & megabytes which one is correct for download speed?

"Bit: short form for binary digit. It is either a 0 or a 1 (binary code). 1 byte= 8 bits. 1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes. 1 megabyte = 1024 kilobytes. 1 megabyte=1024*1024=1,048,576 bytes and 1 byte=8 bit... Read More »

What is a megabyte?

A megabyte is a unit of information or computer storage equal to approximately one million bytes. It is commonly abbreviated MB. Mb is used for megabits ag... Read More »

How many minutes are in a megabyte?

The data size of 1 minute of audio recording may vary widely, depending on the type of audio--spoken word or music--and the quality of the recording. On average, 1 minute of music stored in a typic... Read More »