How many MB make 1 GB?

Answer Mega-Byte is a million bytes. Giga-Byte is a billion bytes. Pretty easy to Google that.

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How many people make up a troop?

The number of people in a military troop can vary depending on how many platoons are in a troop and how many individuals are in a platoon. Typically there are 30 to 40 soldiers in a platoon and thr... Read More »

How many BBC Childrenn's Characters did the BBC make?

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How many candles can you make out of 5 lb. of soy wax flakes?

Five pounds of soy wax flakes will be enough for five mason jar candles or 40 votive candles. A single mason jar will hold about one pound of soy wax, while each votive requires 2 ounces of flakes.... Read More »