How many (MB) equal a Gigabyte?

Answer LOL @ fools whom == nubletIt's 1024.

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How many megabytes equal one gigabyte?

1024 - google is awesome~!!…

Is 49.75 GB more than 1 gigabyte?

yes :) it is 49.75 x more than 1 gigabyte (G= gigabyte)to those who said 1000 MB = 1 GB - thats wrong 1024 MB = 1GB, 1000MiB = 1 GiB, MB, GB and Mib, GiB are different GB and MB are the first and r... Read More »

What is a gigabyte?

How Can You Tell What Gigabyte a PS3 Is?

The Sony PlayStation 3 is a next-generation video game home console. Since its 2006 debut, Sony has released numerous versions of the console, many of which vary in available hard-drive sizes. As o... Read More »