How many Land Before Time movies are there?

Answer There have been 13 "The Land Before Time" movies. The first was released in theaters, but the next 12 were released directly to video and DVD. A series based on the movie characters also is availab... Read More »

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Did you know there were so many debates on parenting before Y!A?

Yes, I knew it because I am on CafeMom. It gets way uglier on there about those kinds of topics. Yahoo answers is mild compared to CafeMom :)

How many US Marines were there in 1942 before Pearl Harbor?

Answer When WWII began the total Marine Corps strength was about 65,881 officers and enlisted on active duty, and 18,279 of them were already on duty worldwide on overseas assignments.

What are your top 10 movies that were released before you were born?

Sept. 1995 1. Leon2. Aliens3. Pulp Fiction4. Midnight Run5. Strictly Ballroom6. Reservoir Dogs7. The Usual Suspects (if it came out before Sep.)8. Raging Bull9. Citizen Kane10. Edward ScissorhandsB... Read More »

How many strokes did a person have to beat cake batter by hand before there were electric mixers?

According to the Betty Crocker website, the proper number of strokes for beating a cake by hand is 150 for each minute of mixing time that is indicated on the box or recipe.References:Betty Crocker... Read More »