Does propecia work on the temples?

Answer On One Hand: Not Officially EndorsedPropecia is a prescription pill, taken daily, which works to treat certain patterns of baldness in men. It is only officially approved to treat mild to moderate ... Read More »

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Do they still make Shirley Temples?

Hell yeah. I remember my first Shirley Temple. It was amazing but it was a little too pink. Then I went for a Roy Rogers. You just have to ask, depending on the restaurant.

How to Pray in Hindu Temples?

There are Hindu temples all over the world and many of these are worth visiting if only for the architecture. A visit to a Hindu temple can offer an insight into a culture and religion that may be ... Read More »

Why are my eye glasses temples not straight?

Oakley Bucket glasses have stems that curve slightly. Since there are no hooks on the ear stems, they have to clamp to your head with some pressure. If you're temples are bowing/ pushing outwards... Read More »

How to Cover Gray at the Temples?

Whether you have a full head of gray hair, or just a few strands in your temple area, keeping gray roots colored can be a challenge. Because the front of your hairline is the most visible part of y... Read More »