How many LCD TVs can a plant produce in a year?

Answer How big is the plant? Does it specialise in LCD TVs? How much of a budget does it have?

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How many tomatoes can one plant produce?

When properly cared for, this hardy garden plant has the potential to produce 80 fruit, or 40 fruit when pruned. The total yield in pounds would be approximately 10 to 15 lbs., depending on the fru... Read More »

How many pumpkins will one plant produce?

How many grams does a marijuana plant produce?

There are a LOT of variables. One plant can produce ounces or pounds of bud, depending on the strain, the environment, the care, the length of growing period, etc.You'll be better off doing researc... Read More »

How many tomatoes will the average plant produce?

Tomato yields vary widely depending upon the variety planted and the climate. According to the Mississippi State University agricultural department, yields will range between 10 and 55 lbs. per pla... Read More »