How many KB equals a MB?

Answer 1024 is right. When dealing with computers the multiplier is always 1024 (1024 bytes in a kilobyte, 1024 kilobytes in a megabyte, etc, etc) except in one thing: line speed, there it's 1000.

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I want to know 1GB equals how many MB and 1MB equals how many KB?

Sadly, it depends. Hard drives are advertised in Gigabytes being 10^9 butes. But operating systems measure Gigabytes using 2^30 bytes.So 1GB in hard drive advertised size is 1,000,000,000 bytes. 1M... Read More »

128 MB equals how many GB?

If you want you MB expressed in GB here's how: 1GB = 1024MB. Therefor 128MB wil be: 128 divided by 1024 = .125So you have a stick that is 0.125GB (or 1/8th of a GB ; .125*8=1(GB)

1GB equals to how many MB?

1GB = 1024MB because1 bit = 8 byte1024 byte = 1 kb1024 kb = 1 mb1024 mb =1 gb

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