How many IRA accounts may one person have?

Answer On One Hand: As Many as You WantThe Internal Revenue Service does not care how many IRA accounts anyone has as long as they abide by the contribution limits set by the IRS. The IRS limits the total... Read More »

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How many bank accounts can a person open?

There is no limit to the number of bank accounts that a person can have open at any one time; however, account holders must adhere to the terms of use for all open accounts.Source:Information on ba... Read More »

How many Google Checkout accounts per person or household?

The Google Checkout terms of service allow multiple accounts, according to the Google Checkout support website. You will need to verify your bank account for each Google Checkout account, even if y... Read More »

How many IRA accounts can an individual have?

On One Hand: There's no limitYou can invest in as many IRA accounts as you like. While the IRS allows you to hold multiple accounts, you are still bound by the contribution limits. The total contri... Read More »

How many email accounts can an iPhone 4S have?