Can I record my movies on DVD to an external hard drive then connect that to my dish network vip722k DVR to create a home library of all my movies?

Answer You can ask for anything. If the landlord approved the dish at some point, he can't now ask to have it removed. If he did not give permission, then he probably can.

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Why do movies look different than regular home movies?

You can get the Hollywood cinematic look from a high end consumer camcorder if you're willing to spend $1000 on the camera, another $300-$400 on a software program that can handle the editing, like... Read More »

How to Transfer 8mm Home Movies Onto DVD?

In this digital age, there's not much concern for preserving the home movies we shoot today. With the advent of digital camcorders and DVDs, preservation of treasured memories is almost assured. Bu... Read More »

Can you record VHS home movies onto a CD?

If you have the proper equipment, you can transfer VHS home movies to a CD. However, experts at CNet recommend transferring to a DVD instead. DVDs hold more on each disc, offer higher resolution ... Read More »

Editing home movies?

Assuming WMM doesn't do it for you, have a look at AVS Video Editor. Too complicated is subjective - Pinnacle Studio starts easy but gets difficult if you want to do anything more than the basics.... Read More »