How many GB of space can an SD card hold?

Answer an SD card is not 1 size, they come in a variety of sizes from 256MB to 8GB

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Does a usb or a sd card hold more pic and alot of space Which one is better?

Assuming you are referring to a USB flash drive, both USB drives and SD cards can come in the storage capacities, so depending on the size you get, both can be larger than the other. Typically, th... Read More »

How many pictures and how GB sd card hold and how many hours doe's a 16 GB sd card hold?

probably v small piece of paper trapped behind & between white rollers try vacuum cleaner with small nozzle to suck it out

How many photos dose a 128 MB memory card hold on a 10.1 mega pixels camara hold?

Physical damage Electrical damage (including removal from camera (reader) while reading, shutting down host hardware while reading, static electric discharge)Magnetic damageInsertion in a reader co... Read More »

How many pictures resolution 4416 x 3312 can a 128 MB SD memory card hold in a 14.7 mega pixel camera hold?