How many GB are needed for a movie on an iPod?

Answer Apple uses a high-compression file format called MP4 for the movies it sells on iTunes. So, if you download a movie from the iTunes store for use on the iPod, it will actually only take up between ... Read More »

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How many gigabytes is a movie on an iPod?

The movie file size depends on many factors, but ideally, a two-hour movie is anywhere between 1 to 2.5 GB. A typical movie file meant for the iPod is encoded at 320x240 resolution in H.264 compres... Read More »

How many songs do you have stored on your iPod Does anyone know how many songs an iPod 4G Clickwheel holds?

You havent stated whether you have a Nano or Classic, the size of it and your average song size.Ipod Classic 4G 20GB - ~5000 songs40GB ~ 10000 songsIpod Nano 4G8GB ~ 2000 Songs16GB ~ 4000 SongsBase... Read More »

How do I convert an Apple TV movie to an iPod movie?

IntroductionVideo-capable iPods and the Apple TV, as well as the iPhone and iPad, play back videos encoded with the MPEG-4 and H.264 codecs, but there are other factors to take into account: the Ap... Read More »

Things Needed to Start a Movie Production Company?

When starting a movie production company as a business, you must acquire all the legal requirements needed for a business operation. However, for independent movies not for commercial purposes (usu... Read More »