How many GB are in 300 Mbps?

Answer Mbps = Megabytes per second. (A transfer rate) GB = Gigabyte.(Amount of storage)1 Gigabyte = 1024 Megabytes, not Megabytes per second.300 Megabytes = roughly .3 GB Hope that helps some, although yo... Read More »

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I'm supposed to be getting 7 Mbps with my Internet plan bu only getting around 1 Mbps?

run test at www.speedtest.netrepeat the tests over a 24hr periodonly tests run using a LAN connected pc are valid.wireless connected pc's suffer from incompatibilities so badlythat they cannot be r... Read More »

What does Mbps mean?

Mbps is a term used to measure the speed of online data transfer. The "bps" stands for "bits per second," while the letter in front refers to the quantity. Mbps means million bits per second. If ... Read More »

How many Mbps is right for me?

about 8-ish mbps download/2-ish mbps upload should be fine.

Will 10 mbps be right?

Technically, yes you CAN livestream... But it will be very laggy, with very bad quality (I'd be suprised if you could keep 480 up without extreme lagg/frequent disconects).I have 14 Mbps upload, an... Read More »