How many French-speaking nations are there compared to Spanish-speaking nations?

Answer According to the International Organization of the Francophonie, there are 28 countries whose official language is French, as well as 70 member states and governments that speak French. As of 2010,... Read More »

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What is French Speaking Switzerland like?

I love the French part, people are laid back, willing to speak English unlike most of the French, good weather in general, specially Geneve. Although if you´re going there you should study French ... Read More »

Why is morocco a french speaking country?

French is the second language spoken in Morocco, after Arabic, the official language. This influence finds its roots from an historical event, when Morocco moved under the protectorate of France in... Read More »

Is Belgium a French-speaking country?

People in Belgium do speak French. However, they have three official languages: French, German and Dutch. Approximately 60 percent of the population in Belgium speaks Dutch, about 40 percent speak ... Read More »

Why is luxembourg a french speaking country?

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has declared French the official language for civil, legal, and parliament business. High school classes must be taught in French, whereas teachers address elementary ... Read More »