How many Fleer basketball cards were made in 1986?

Answer In 1986, the Fleer company released a basketball set that consisted of 132 cards. That year, Fleer also made a set of 11 different basketball stickers. One sticker was inserted into each pack of ba... Read More »

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How many farscape autograph cards were made?

There were only a total of 8,000 Farscape autograph cards made for Farscape Season One; however, there are a few additional trading cards available in other Farscape trading card series. Of these 8... Read More »

How many years were Garbage Kids cards made?

The Topps company first released Garbage Pail Kids cards in 1985, but in 1988 the company failed to release its planned 16th series. In 2003, Topps brought back the cards with new and old character... Read More »

How many years were Garbage Pail Kids cards made?

Garbage Pail Kids trading cards were first made between 1985 and 1988, and then re-released--with some new images--in 2003. The immensely popular gross-out trading cards were created by Mark Newgar... Read More »

In what year were baseball cards first made?

The first baseball cards were made in 1869 by a sporting goods store called Peck and Snyder. Peck and Snyder created these cards as a form of advertisement for the store. The first card produced fe... Read More »