How many Fleer basketball cards were made in 1986?

Answer In 1986, the Fleer company released a basketball set that consisted of 132 cards. That year, Fleer also made a set of 11 different basketball stickers. One sticker was inserted into each pack of ba... Read More »

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How to Collect Basketball Cards?

Have you ever wanted to start a collection but don't know how to start one well read this article it will help.

Is there a site that helps you find out how much your basketball cards are worth?

There is a useful free site called Basketball Cards Price Guide (see Resources). Typing 'basketball card prices" into your search engine will also bring up several sites that charge a membership fe... Read More »

How Can I Get a Key Made for a 1986 Ford Truck When the Original Key Was Lost?

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What are basketball courts made of?

The composition of basketball courts depends on the location, whether inside or out. Most indoor basketball courts are made from hardwood and highly polished. The majority of outdoor basketball cou... Read More »