How many FHA loans can you have at one time?

Answer The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) will only allow borrowers to have one FHA loan at a time. The borrower is eligible for another FHA loan after discharging the original one. The Credit Alert... Read More »

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Can you have two payday loans at a time?

Generally, you cannot receive two payday loans at the same time. While a payday lender does not check a customer's credit score, they do check with a verifier to make sure you do not have a loan ou... Read More »

Its time to pay my student loans off, WHER DO I PAY?

Are you in the U.S? did you use fafsa?Try and see who has your loans.

When is the right time to apply for private student loans?

You should calculate your cost of attendance... tuition and fees, loan fees, and room and board ( they vary by the res hall and meal plan). The other things vary and aren't accurate... Now you sho... Read More »

Anyone know the time length you have to repay subsizided student loans?

To answer your question accurately there is one thing that I need to clarify, are these loans Federal Student Loans or Private Student Loans?I assume since you mentioned Subsidized in your question... Read More »