How many Christian Bibles are sold each year?

Answer It may not be possible to exactly calculate the number of Bibles sold annually. "The New Yorker" estimates that, in 2005, Americans bought about 25 million copies of the book. The Amusing Facts Web... Read More »

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How many Bibles are sold each year worldwide?

According to, 100 million bibles are sold each year worldwide. The New Yorker confirms that it is the best-selling book in history and outsells all other books every year.Source:The ... Read More »

How many new cars are sold each year?

As reported by the National Automobile Dealers Association, 16.5 million vehicles were sold in 2006. This was slightly less than the 16.9 million sold in 2005. Numbers continued to decline in 2007... Read More »

How many headphones are sold each year?

about 2 million head phones are sold each year

How many steaks are sold each year?

More than 27.3 billion pounds of beef are purchased each year. Of this amount, steaks comprise 20 percent, which means that Americans buy more than 5.46 billion pounds of steak per year. The averag... Read More »