How many gay people are there in the U.S.?

Answer According to the 2000 U.S. Census, there were 304,148 gay male families and 297,061 lesbian families living in the United States. Studies also show that gay and lesbian people represent 2 to 10 per... Read More »

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Why are there so many Scottish people on the BBC?

I don't think there is a real "reason" as to why there are, but the bottom line is that Scotland is a part of Britain, and BBC stands for "British Broadcasting Corportation", not "English Broadcast... Read More »

How many people are there in the tundra today?

Located in the highest latitudes of North America, the tundra area is strips of land around the region of the Arctic Circle. These land areas include portions of Scandinavia, Siberia, North America... Read More »

How many people have a tv in there bedroom?

me. unless you mean a trans vestite then no i dont

How Many Homeless People Are There in the World?

It is very difficult to determine how many homeless people there are in the world because countries have different legal definitions for homelessness. Natural disasters and sudden civil unrest also... Read More »