How many CEO-4R guitars did the Martin company make?

Answer The Martin Guitar Company had made 527 right-handed and two left-handed CEO-4R guitars as of the end of 2009. This special edition, slope shouldered model is still in production as of March, 2010.S... Read More »

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Is Lockheed Martin a military airplane Company?

Yes. They built so many fighter airplanes, spy-planes and transport planes there at Lockheed Martin.

What method does Ovation Guitars recommend to string guitars?

When changing strings on an Ovation Guitar, the manufacturer recommends changing the strings one at a time to lessen the stress on the truss rod. Ovation also recommends using D’Addario EXP16s f... Read More »

Where can i find a picture of martin's face after he fought Tommy hearns on his sitcom Martin?

I want to know the same question!!! When you find out, please post! Thanks

Do they still make Fox electric guitars?

Fox Guitars only produces acoustic guitars and electric basses as of May 2010. The Brazilian company has produced guitars since 1998 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. They are available through a limited ... Read More »