How Many Homeless People Are There in the World?

Answer It is very difficult to determine how many homeless people there are in the world because countries have different legal definitions for homelessness. Natural disasters and sudden civil unrest also... Read More »

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How many Amish people are there in the world?

Approximately 200,000 Amish people live throughout the world, according to BBC News. The population is concentrated primarily in the United States and Canada. One of the oldest Amish groups, consi... Read More »

How many illiterate people are there in the world?

According to the most recent "CIA World Factbook" projections, approximately 785 million people over age fifteen do not possess the ability to read and write. Eighty-seven percent of them are men w... Read More »

Back then when the world had black and white tvs,were there black and white computers too?

There was almost only text on computers, just text.

How many Caucasian people here are scared of Black people?

Well here is a little knowledge... I think the world is. Ok ..Since us the African Americans were forcably brought to a civilization that wasn't our own, we were also forced to adapt. We the Africa... Read More »