How many Bibles are in the world?

Answer Approximately 7.50 billion Bibles have been printed around the world but there is an uneven number of Bibles distributed among different nations. The Bible has been printed in over 450 different la... Read More »

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How to Learn a Language Using Audio Bibles for Native Pronunciation in Modern Bibles?

Do you want to learn to converse well in another language such as studying and living abroad with any of them, whether Dutch, Greek, Sranan-tongo, or Spanish. Here is how to study a language mostly... Read More »

Why do so many households have Bibles?

Many households have Bibles because it is used as a guidebook for their faith. The Bible has been in circulation longer than most other books and is widely available in different translations.Ident... Read More »

How many Bibles have been printed?

As of 2007, there have been an estimated 7.5 billion Bibles that have been printed and distributed around the world. This figure does not include non-print versions of the Bible, such as digital ve... Read More »

How many bibles have the gideons produced?

As of 2010, The Gideons International organization estimated it had produced and distributed more than 1.3 billion Bibles and New Testaments. The Scriptures, produced in more than 80 languages, hav... Read More »