How many Baby Pac-Man machines were made?

Answer Baby Pac-Man was a hybrid game that combined a pinball machine and a video game. The units were released by Bally Manufacturing Corporation in 1982 and only 7,000 Baby Pac-Man games were ever produ... Read More »

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How many antique Singer sewing machines were made?

All Singer sewing machines produced pre-1960 are now considered antique. There are a total of 18 antique models including: The Vibrating Shuttle 1 and 2, the Turtle Back, the Letter A, Model 12, Mo... Read More »

Were White sewing machines made in the USA?

While White sewing machines are no longer being manufactured, the sewing machines were originally produced in Cleveland, Ohio. Production was moved to Japan and Taiwan after World War III. Later ... Read More »

Are Baby Lock sewing machines made by Brother?

Although some Brother and Baby Lock sewing machines look similar, Baby Lock sewing machines are made by Tacony Corp. as part of their sewing division. Tacony is headquartered in St. Louis.Reference... Read More »

How many"Air Bud"movies were made?

As of June 2010, there have been nine total "Air Bud" films, including direct sequels as well as spin-offs. The original film and its sequels followed the story of Bud, a golden retriever adept at ... Read More »