How many BTUs is a DeLonghi heater model EW6507L?

Answer The DeLonghi 6507L oil-filled radiator heater has three heat settings. It produces 2,050 BTUs on the low setting, 3,070 BTUs on medium and 5,120 BTUs on high.Source:Today's Concept: DeLonghi 6507l

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How many BTUs does a ceramic heater emit?

Ceramic heaters offer a wide range of British Thermal Unit (BTU) sizes. Ceramic heaters for small areas are typically 3,000 to 5,000 BTUs, while units for large rooms can be 150,000 BTUs and above.... Read More »

Delonghi Space Heater Operating Instructions?

Finding the operating instructions for your Delonghi appliance is easy using the Internet. Delonghi website provides instruction manuals for their products on their website. Finding your particular... Read More »

How long is the warranty for the delonghi dfh443 oscillating fan heater with foot switch?

The DeLonghi DFH443 oscillating fan heater with foot switch has a one-year manufacturer's warranty. This fan heater is actually now (in 2010) a discontinued product. You can contact DeLonghi custom... Read More »

How many BTUs are in 1 ton of AC units?

According to Central Air Conditioner and Refrigeration, an air-conditioning unit rated at one ton of cooling power will remove 12,000 BTUs of heat per hour. That calculates to a rate of 200 BTUs pe... Read More »