How many BTUs do I need to cool my house?

Answer On One Hand: Experts SayThe cooling capacity of room air conditioners is generally measured in BTUs (British thermal units). Determining the BTUs required to cool an area is primarily based on squa... Read More »

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How to Find the Size of AC & BTUs By the Square Footage of a House?

There are countless air conditioners on the market, and choosing the proper one for your house can present a challenge. Fortunately, all air conditioners have a BTU (British thermal units) rating. ... Read More »

What's the best way to cool a house?

Something that we do here at Fort Carson, CO we leave the ceiling fans on all the time along with opening all the windows in the house at night and then shut them when my hubby gets up for work at ... Read More »

Why won't it cool off in the house?

It's really hot in my house! How can I keep cool?

4 things that affect human comfort 1 temperature 2 humidity 3 Air movement 4 environment usually associated with air cleanliness. Since you cannot use the Air Conditioner then you can do little to ... Read More »