How many BTU in a gallon of liquid hydrogen?

Answer According to Stanford University, a gallon of liquid hydrogen weighs .56 pounds. A pound of liquid hydrogen produces 63,000 British Thermal Units (BTU). Therefore, a gallon of liquid hydrogen will ... Read More »

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How much hydrogen replaces one gallon of gas?

According to American Energy Independence, a gallon of gas produces the same amount of energy as approximately one kilogram (or 2.2 lbs.) of hydrogen. Both produce an average of 33.4 kilowatt-hours... Read More »

How much hydrogen is in a gallon of water?

In any volume of water, the ratio of hydrogen to water molecules is 2:1. The mass of a mole of water molecules is 18g on average, so 2 moles of hydrogen atoms are in 18g of water. There are 3785.4g... Read More »

How many miles per gallon does a hydrogen car get?

A hydrogen car produced by Honda gets approximately 72 miles per kg of H2, which works out to be the equivalent of 74 miles per gallon in a gas-powered car, according to Honda. A person can drive ... Read More »

Is hydrogen a liquid?

Hydrogen naturally occurs as a diatomic gas composed of two hydrogen molecules, represented by the chemical symbol H2. Colorless and odorless, hydrogen does not exist in liquid form; however, it ca... Read More »