How many Asian elephants are left in the world?

Answer Raman Sukumar of the Asian Elephant Specialist Group estimates there are between 38,534 and 52,566 wild Asian elephants, not including the 14,535 and 15,300 domesticated Asian elephants and up to 1... Read More »

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How to Protect Asian Elephants?

Matters of our environment have begun to come to the forefront in recent years; questions of global warming, deforestation and animal extinction have become political hot topics as some scientist a... Read More »

When are asian baby elephants born?

The Asian elephant is more closely related to the extinct mammoth than the African elephant. The females do not reach sexual maturity until about 16 years of age. Their gestation period lasts from ... Read More »

How many boa constrictors are left in the world?

According to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington, the number of boa constrictors left in the world is unknown. Boa constrictors are not an endangered species, but due to exportation, "they hav... Read More »

How many rhinos are left in the world?

According to the International Rhino Foundation, there are approximately 24,500 rhinoceros left in the wild, plus an additional 1,250 rhinoceroses in captivity worldwide. In total, there are approx... Read More »