How many Americans in the Vietnam war?

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Many Americans felt that the Vietnam war was?

Unjust, Civil War, American aggression, a communist plot, a military coup, a military plot, a capitalist war, a white man's war (Black Panther's/Civil Rights movement slogans), communist aggression... Read More »

How many US military personnel died in the Vietnam War?

Answer 58209 died in Vietnam. 2000 more are missing.

How many Americans died at the Alamo?

Records archived at the Alamo document 189 defenders of the fort died during the historic 1836 battle. Twenty-nine of those defenders are known to have been born outside of the United States, and t... Read More »

How many Americans died on the beaches of Normandy?

On June 6, 1944, or D-Day, American, British and Canadian forces stormed the beaches of the Normandy region of France. Though exact numbers aren't known, it's estimated that 6,603 Americans were wo... Read More »