How many Americans buy mousetraps every year?

Answer I contacted Victor, a self-proclaimed leader in the mousetrap industry, to find out how many traps they sell in a year, but I was told that information was "proprietary." Nonetheless, there is stil... Read More »

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Facts on Mousetraps?

Mice are unwelcome visitors in most homes. While these rodents are small and seemingly harmless, they can cause major damage to a home over time. Beyond damage, mice also carry diseases that may af... Read More »

How do mousetraps work?

Mouse traps come in many varieties. Early traps were designed to kill the mouse as a means of control. More humane traps have become popular as means of catching and releasing mice have been invent... Read More »

How many Americans get glioma a year?

In 2010, an estimated 23,720 people will develop a cancerous brain tumor, according to the American Brain Tumor Association. Approximately 80 percent of these malignant tumors are gliomas, a type c... Read More »

What year did black Americans get the right to vote?

On February 26, 1896, congress passed the fifteenth amendment. This amendment stated, "Voting shall not be denied by race, color or previous servitude," thus giving black Americans the right to vot... Read More »