How to Exchange American Dollars For British Pounds?

Answer Traveling to another country--like Britain--can be exciting and daunting. You don't know quite what to expect or how to be best prepared. The least of your worries should be how to exchange your U.... Read More »

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How do I convert British pounds to American dollars?

Use an Online CalculatorGo to an online currency converter site, such as or, and enter the amount of British pounds to be converted. Select U.S. dollar as the currenc... Read More »

What does the british word"stone"mean?

A stone is a British unit of measurement equal to about 14 pounds and often used when referring to weights. It was dropped as a legally recognized unit for trade in 1985.References:Weights and Meas... Read More »

How do I convert British pounds to U.S. dollars?

Find the Exchange RateFind the current exchange rate from pounds to dollars. This information is available on Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance and MSN Money.Convert the Rate to DollarsConvert the pou... Read More »

What is the cost of the iPhone 4 in British pounds?

£499 for the 16GB model, and £599 for the 32GB model