How many African Americans fought in World War 2?

Answer Hit and Run mercenaries is one thing, but mainly tactics. (to be added to)

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How many African-Americans died during World War I?

Two segregated combat divisions of African-Americans fought for the U.S. in World War I, suffering 5,181 casualties. The 92nd Division endured 1,647 battle casualties, while the smaller, less-equip... Read More »

How many African-Americans were in the first African-American Senate?

Hiram Revels of Mississippi was the first and only African-American in the first African American U.S. Senate, in 1870. He was a steadfast opponent of racial segregation after the American Civil Wa... Read More »

In the military during World War 2 African Americans were grouped?

What was the role of African-Americans in the US Army Air Corps in World War 2?

AnswerIn the 1940's it was still believed that Blacks were incapable of flying aircraft. This myth was dispelled with the help of the U.S. Congress. On June 27, 1939 THE CIVILIAN PILOT TRAINING ACT... Read More »