How many African-Americans died during World War I?

Answer Two segregated combat divisions of African-Americans fought for the U.S. in World War I, suffering 5,181 casualties. The 92nd Division endured 1,647 battle casualties, while the smaller, less-equip... Read More »

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How many African Americans fought in World War 2?

Hit and Run mercenaries is one thing, but mainly tactics. (to be added to)

What jobs did African-Americans have in the US military during World War 2?

Answer They usually were cooks but in emergencies they also could be gunners, blood donors, and helpers in the hospitals.  Answer Well, there were the Tuskegee airmen , they were the 1st all Afric... Read More »

In the military during World War 2 African Americans were grouped?

What Were Some Labor Issues for African Americans During World War I?

Despite being free as a result of the Civil War over 50 years earlier, many African-Americans in the South did not see their lives change very much by the time the United States entered World War I... Read More »