How many African-Americans died during World War I?

Answer Two segregated combat divisions of African-Americans fought for the U.S. in World War I, suffering 5,181 casualties. The 92nd Division endured 1,647 battle casualties, while the smaller, less-equip... Read More »

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How many African-Americans died during the holocaust?

The German Holocaust did not affect the United States; no African-Americans died as a direct result of German genocide. However, of roughly 24,000 Africans living in Germany during the time of the ... Read More »

How many African Americans fought in World War 2?

Hit and Run mercenaries is one thing, but mainly tactics. (to be added to)

In the military during World War 2 African Americans were grouped?

What Were Some Labor Issues for African Americans During World War I?

Despite being free as a result of the Civil War over 50 years earlier, many African-Americans in the South did not see their lives change very much by the time the United States entered World War I... Read More »