How many ATP are made from one molecule of glucose?

Answer ATP stands for "adenosine triphosphate." Anaerobic respiration (i.e., glycolysis) nets only two ATP from one molecule of glucose. Aerobic respiration nets 36 to 38 ATP in eukaryotic cells, and 38 A... Read More »

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How much ATP is produced from a molecule of glucose?

Glycolysis is the first part of the cellular respiration process, and it occurs in two parts: the preparatory phase, and the payoff phase. At the end of glycolysis, the process ends up converting o... Read More »

What is the number of ATP produced during cellular respiration from one glucose molecule?

Glycolysis, the first step in cellular respiration, produces four molecules of adenosine triphosphate from one molecule of glucose, but uses two molecules of ATP during the process; the net gain is... Read More »

Is glucose an organic molecule?

The distinction between organic and inorganic molecules is a little arbitrary, primarily because it dates back to a time when scientists knew less about the chemistry of living organisms than they ... Read More »

What is a glucose molecule?

A molecule of glucose contains six carbon molecules, 12 hydrogen molecules and six oxygen molecules, according to the University of Arizona's Biology Department website. The molecular formula for o... Read More »