How many ANSI lumens do you need for a projector?

Answer The ANSI lumens you need in a projector varies depending upon the amount of light in the room, the size and aspect ratio of the projection screen and the size of the audience. Someone using a proje... Read More »

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How many lumens does a projector need?

The number of lumens needed for a projector is dependent on the ambient light and the size of the screen. In a dark room with a small 72-inch screen, 1,000 lumens is sufficient. For a 150-inch scre... Read More »

How many ANSI lumens are necessary for video projectors?

The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, lumen is a unit of luminous flux and is used to describe the brightness of a video projector. A brightness of at least 1,000 ANSI lumens is neede... Read More »

How many lumens do plants need?

Lumen is the level of colors that human eyes are most sensitive to, such as yellow. These colors are not the most beneficial to plants. It is the colors in the light that affect our eyes the least ... Read More »

Do I really need a "Projector Screen" for my Projector or is it hype?

You do not NEED a projector screen but it will allow you to get the best picture from your projector. Screens are specifically designed to reflect light a certain way to optimise picture quality, w... Read More »