How many ANSI lumens do you need for a projector?

Answer The ANSI lumens you need in a projector varies depending upon the amount of light in the room, the size and aspect ratio of the projection screen and the size of the audience. Someone using a proje... Read More »

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How many ANSI lumens are necessary for video projectors?

The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, lumen is a unit of luminous flux and is used to describe the brightness of a video projector. A brightness of at least 1,000 ANSI lumens is neede... Read More »

How many lumens does a projector need?

The number of lumens needed for a projector is dependent on the ambient light and the size of the screen. In a dark room with a small 72-inch screen, 1,000 lumens is sufficient. For a 150-inch scre... Read More »

Seeable Lumens Vs. Lumens?

Light affects people visually and psychologically. The intensity of the light source, and the amount of light hitting an object from a certain distance, characterize the light's brightness.

In a 6 meter room what is the biggest projector screen i should get And how far to placle the projector?

It is quite possible to put too big a screen in a room that size. However, screen size is really up to you since the "right size" is largely personal taste. That said, there are some recommendation... Read More »