How many AAA batteries are need to power a computer for 10 seconds ?

Answer Assuming the AAA battery is alkaline or lithium based then to power a laptop for (maybe) an hour you would need 16 AAA battery's.

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How many batteries are needed for solar power?

The number and size of batteries needed for solar power depends on the daily wattage required for the intended application, as well as the voltage of the batteries. The industry formula for this ca... Read More »

How many batteries are needed to run a 2500-power inverter?

One or more batteries are required to run a 2500-watt power inverter; however, the run time of the inverter will increase as the size and amount of batteries increase as well. Deep-cycle marine bat... Read More »

Do computer backup batteries need to be replaced?

A typical computer backup battery has a projected lifespan of about five years. However, since the battery's purpose is to provide power to retain important configuration information when your comp... Read More »

How many watts does a solar panel need for a radio with 2 aa batteries?

A pocket radio needs sufficient voltage and current to keep it running. Two AA batteries produce 3 volts total, and the radio uses about 150 milliamps of current. Since watts = volts x amps, this i... Read More »