How many A4 pages of photos can you print with 4ml with the HP Photosmart C4780?

Answer The black HP 300 cartridge will produce approximately 200 sheets according to HP, however this is usually calculated by a 5-10% page coverage, so it depends what you're printing.For A4 Pages full o... Read More »

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Printing problem with HP Photosmart C4780?

do a print nozzle check/clean/purge in the maintenance section of your printer driver and see if that clears it. If the printhead remains blocked you may need a new print cartridgeHTHDavid

Is this HP Photosmart C4780 Ink cartridge any good - CC643EE (300)?

This is the standard cartridge for your printer but it is definitely not the best value for money. You are much better off buying a 300XL cartridge (CC644EE) which is a little more expensive but ha... Read More »

HP Photosmart C4780 cartridge alignment page not found?

If both your colour and black cartridge are not working well the printer cannot align itself.

I have a HP Photosmart C4780 and I have removed 1 of the 2 inks for the time being will it damage the printer?

No it will not damage the printer, I think that printer enters "single cartridge mode" and will only print with the cartridge that is installed, it may be a little slower to process the printing th... Read More »