How many 8x8 carpet squares are needed for a 27x18 room?

Answer A room measuring 27 by 18 feet requires 486 square feet of carpet to cover it. Eight 8-by-8-foot carpet squares can be cut to cover the area.Source:Buying carpet squares

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How much carpet in square yards is needed to carpet a room that is 30 feet long and 13 feet wide?

Carpet comes in a few different widths. The most common being 12' and second most common being 15' widths. The carpet and rug institute which sets the standards used by carpet installers stated th... Read More »

How to Figure How Many Squares Are Needed for Shingles?

When figuring the amount of shingles needed to roof a house, you first convert the total square footage of the roof to "squares." A square represents 100 square feet of area covered by shingles. Si... Read More »

How many square feet of carpet is needed for a room that is 14.5 feet by 15.5 feet?

204 sq/ft not allowing for any waste.Since carpet is most generally only available in 12 or 15 foot widths, you will need 233 sq ft if it comes in 15' widths and 249 if it comes in 12' wide.

How many square feet of carpet is needed for 11 feet by 14 feet room?

There is actually 154 sq. ft. in the room. If you are carpeting the room, you would need to buy a piece of carpet that is 12 foot wide by 14 feet 3 inches (171.6 square feet) in order to lay it in... Read More »