How many 6 inch squares will it take to make a king size comforter?

Answer It takes 288 squares that measure 6 inches after being sewn to make the top of a king-size comforter that is 108 inches by 96 inches. A 6-inch finished square that has 1/4-inch seams needs to be cu... Read More »

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How many 8-inch squares do i need to make a king-sized quilt?

A typical king-sized quilt is 107 inches by 108 inches, according to Quilter's Cache. Using 8-inch squares, your quilt will be 13 squares across and 14 squares long. You will need 182 squares to co... Read More »

How many 12x12 inch tiles will it take to cover 169sqft?

How many 12X12 tiles If this is homework the answer looks like this 12X12= (sq inches per tile)¨ Sq Inches per tile divided by 144 = (sq feet per tile)(About 1 sq ft per tile) but do your own mat... Read More »

How many amps does a 50 inch plasma TV take?

In exchange for their vivid picture quality, plasma TV sets are relatively thirsty for electricity. Although power consumption varies from set to set, you can expect to see a power draw of around ... Read More »

How many shots of vodka will it take to make me drunk?

if you drink a lot, 5 or 6, If you don't drink much...1