How many 20x20 square inch tiles dose it take to cover 56 square feet?

Answer The concept is confusing but the math is pretty simple... Tiles are sold by the square foot not by the tile..Measure the room & round up to the next foot, ie.. 11' 6" just write it down as 12'If th... Read More »

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How many 8-by-8-inch floor tiles will cover 400 square feet?

An 8-inch-by-8-inch square is equal to .444 square feet. So, to figure out how many of these tiles fit into a 400-square-foot space, divide 400 by .444. You will find that 900 8-inch-by-8-inch tile... Read More »

How many 16X16 square feet tiles do you need to cover 315 square feet?

178 Tiles If the square footage is the actual room size you add 10% for wastee

How many 3x2 inch tiles does it take to cover 18 square ft?

it's all about figuring AREALxW= area just make sure you are using the same unit feet to feet, yards to yards, miles to miles//3X2= put the calculator down you can do that one in your head! Looks l... Read More »

How many 3 x 6 tiles are needed to cover 10 square feet?

Area of a 3 in * 6 in tile = 18 sq inches. Area to be covered = 10 sq feet = 10*144 sq inches = 1440 sq inches.Therefore, minimum number of tiles required = 1440/18 = 80 tiles.That is the mathemati... Read More »