How many 1992 Camaro 25th-anniversary RSs were made?

Answer With a base price of $12,075, 60,994 25th-anniversary 1992 Camaro RS coupes were manufactured. Each bore a commemorative 25th-anniversary logo. However, an optional appearance package could also be... Read More »

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How many 1992 25th-anniversary Camaros were made?

In 1992 Camaro celebrated its 25the anniversary, and the final year of the 3rd-generation Camaro, by releasing the heritage edition. There were only 8,197 of these special-edition Camaros made. The... Read More »

How many 25th anniversary 1992 Camaros were made?

Chevy planned to release a special-edition 25th Anniversary 1992 Camaro for collectors, but the idea was scrapped before production began. While Chevy had originally planned to build 602 of these 2... Read More »

What Is the 25th Anniversary?

The 25th anniversary commemorates the quarter-century since an event took place. In terms of world history, the 25th anniversary provides a time to look back and reflect on how things have changed ... Read More »

What color is the 25th anniversary?

Celebrating 25th anniversaries with silver gifts grew out of traditions in medieval Germany. Wives received wreaths of silver, symbolizing marital harmony. The Wedding Anniversary Site lists silver... Read More »