How many 1961 Ferrari convertibles were made?

Answer In 1961 Ferrari manufactured the California Spyder. The California Spyder was a limited edition convertible, with only 56 being produced. It was the only convertible manufactured by Ferrari in 1961... Read More »

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How many Ford Mustang GT convertibles were made?

Since making its debut in 1964, the Ford Mustang has been produced in various models and configurations, with the GT model standing out as one of the most popular. While a historical production tot... Read More »

How many Camaro convertibles were made in 1995?

In 1995, Chevrolet produced two models of the Camaro convertible, a base model and a performance-enhanced Z28 model. The base model had a production run of 6,948, while 8,024 of the Z28 model were ... Read More »

How many Ford Mustang GT Cobra convertibles were made in 1989?

The Ford Motor Company produced 42,244 GT Cobra convertibles in the year 1989, the year the Ford Mustang celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Mustang GT convertibles carried a retail price of $14,1... Read More »

How many 1970 chevelle convertibles were produced?

Only 20 Chevelle LS-6 convertibles were made available for purchase in 1970. One of the LS-6 models resides in the Volo Auto Museam in Illinois. There were just over 7,500 GM convertibles (all mode... Read More »