How many 1934 ford coupes were made?

Answer The Ford Motor Company produced 27,956 three-window Coupe DeLuxe models, including 11 four-cylinder models. In the five-window Coupe series, there were 51,908 production models and another 28,397 D... Read More »

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How many 1970 Ford Mustang Coupes were made that year?

The production number of the 1970 Ford Mustang Coupe was 82,569 cars, and in 1970 the Coupe sold for $2,721. In total, 198,239 Ford Mustangs were produced that year, with the majority of them being... Read More »

1934 Ford Specifications?

The final year of the Model B was 1934, but cars of this era quickly became known simply as V-8 Fords. A relatively light body powered by a strong V-8 engine made this car faster than most cars on ... Read More »

Do you prefer coupes or 4 door cars?

Coupes are definately cuter but if you have kids or are planning to have a family they're a little impractical:)

What was the price of milk in 1934?

A quart of milk cost just 10 cents in 1934. Hamburger was 10 cents per pound and eggs were only 29 cents a dozen. An entire meal at the Waldorf-Astoria's Morse Grill in New York City could be purch... Read More »