How many 1932 fords were built?

Answer According to, there were several models and styles of Fords built in 1932. The tudor sedan was the most popular, with 124,101 cars produced. Other styles included the cabriolet, the p... Read More »

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Where are Fords built?

Ford factories are located primarily throughout the United States, but are also located in European, Asian, African and other countries. The first Ford factory was built in Detroit, Michigan, in 19... Read More »

How many teams were in the NFL in 1932?

The NFL had eight teams in 1932. The league did not have a championship game at the time but by virtue of finishing with the best record in the league at 7-1-6, the Chicago Bears were named champio... Read More »

Types of Fords?

The Ford Motor Corporation has made all conceivable types of motor vehicles, from cars of all sizes to tractors, for personal and professional use. The company has the reputation of constantly upgr... Read More »

What does SHO stand for on Fords?

"SHO" stands for "Super High Output," an appellation Ford uses exclusively for hopped-up versions of their Taurus sedan. The first SHO bowed in 1989 with a 220 horsepower V-6, the second generation... Read More »