How many 18 inch by 18 inch tiles do you need to cover a 16' by 16' room and can you show me how to convert?

Answer A foot is 12 inches, which means 18 inches is equal to 18/12 = 1.5 feet. However, 2(1.5) = 3 (which is the base of all integer answers to this), and 16/3 is irreducible, so we may not tile the whol... Read More »

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How many 12 inch tiles do you need for a 4 x 6 ft room?

LXW is the formula for areaso it's 4X6=??Then its 12X12 tiles = 1 sq ft eachso looks a lot like 24 tiles

How many 3x2 inch tiles does it take to cover 18 square ft?

it's all about figuring AREALxW= area just make sure you are using the same unit feet to feet, yards to yards, miles to miles//3X2= put the calculator down you can do that one in your head! Looks l... Read More »

How many 12x12 inch tiles will it take to cover 169sqft?

How many 12X12 tiles If this is homework the answer looks like this 12X12= (sq inches per tile)¨ Sq Inches per tile divided by 144 = (sq feet per tile)(About 1 sq ft per tile) but do your own mat... Read More »

How many 8-by-8-inch floor tiles will cover 400 square feet?

An 8-inch-by-8-inch square is equal to .444 square feet. So, to figure out how many of these tiles fit into a 400-square-foot space, divide 400 by .444. You will find that 900 8-inch-by-8-inch tile... Read More »