How many 1/4 measuring cups make 3/4?

Answer To get 3/4 of a cup of a substance using a 1/4 cup measuring cup, fill the 1/4 cup measuring cup up three different times. There are three 1/4 cup measuring cups in one 3/4 cup measuring cup.Source... Read More »

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How many measuring cups make one quart?

In cooking, a standard measuring cup is 8 oz. It takes four of these to make a quart. When measuring dry ingredients, add to the top of the cup and level it off. With liquids, hold at eye level and... Read More »

What is the difference between dry measuring cups&wet measuring cups?

Baking and cooking can be confusing between following recipes, finding ingredients and deciding on what kitchen tools to use. Some kitchen tools are hard to figure out like why there are different ... Read More »

How to Buy Measuring Cups?

This is an article on how to buy the right,ideal measuring cup(s).

What are dry measuring cups used for?

Culinary measuring cups are found in various shapes and sizes, some for dry ingredients and some for liquid. They are commonly made out of metal, plastic and glass. Higher quality cups tend to supp... Read More »