How many 12mp photos fit a 500gh?

Answer You should buy a nikon dx. I have a nikon d5100 i bout it by andorama i have two lenses: nikon dx 18-55, nikon dx 55-300 the two lenses are the best ones i ever had. Hope it helps :)

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How many photos at 12mp will a 2gb sd card store?

On a 12MP camera how much memory does each picture take?

It depends. Usually the camera stores the image as a JPEG which has lossy compression. So your image size can vary based on the compression. For example, a picture with mostly blue sky may compress... Read More »

How many pictures can a 4gb memory card hold 12mp?

It varies by make and model of camera. The biggest factor is megapixels. On a Pentax Optio S10 10 megapixel camera it holds about 1100+ pictures. I also have a few videos on my card.

How many pictures can a 1gb memory card hold on a 12mp camera?