How many 12 a/c volt batteries are needed to run a DC refrigerator?

Answer A power meter or oltmeter can be purchased to connect to your refrigerator to determine the volts needed to operate it. Multiply this number by 12 and that will tell you the number of 12 volt batte... Read More »

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Can you use two 12-volt batteries wired in series with a 12-volt trolling motor?

No. Wiring in series stacks the voltage being delivered. Two 12-volt batteries in series deliver 24 volts, which causes permanent damage and a fire hazard in a 12-volt trolling motor. Wire the batt... Read More »

Is it okay to connect a 3.7 volt li-ion (900mAh) and a 3.7 volt li-ion (1000mAh) batteries in parallel?

I don't recommend doing it. Before that, though, if you're trying to increase the mAh rating, then parallel connection of two identical voltages will do what you want. Voltages in series will add... Read More »

Is there anywhere where I can get a 12-volt car plug to recharge 9-volt batteries?

How to Connect 6 Volt Batteries to Make 12 Volt?

A car battery is made up of smaller individual batteries or cells. These cells are stacked on top each other so that the positive side of the first cell is connected to the negative side of the sec... Read More »