How man external speakers does an Iphone 4 have?

Answer The left one is the speaker, right microphone

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How many speakers does the iPhone 3G have?

According to reviews in the Chicago Sun-Times and on Hardware Secrets, the iPhone 3G sports only one small speaker. The Sun-Times review criticizes the iPhone 3G's speaker for being "tinny."Referen... Read More »

Does iPhone 3G have speakers like the iPod Touch?

Apple's iPhone 3G has built-in speakers, located at the bottom of the phone, so you can hear music and sounds from games with or without headphones. The original iPhone also came with built-in spea... Read More »

Does blu ray player require external speakers?

No it's not required. It will use the TV speakers

I have a mono TV can I get external speakers that I can plug the audio red and white RCA cables into?

yes sir you can. if you have a cable box or satellite reciever, you can hook up a pair of red and white wires directly from the cable box/satellite reciever to an audio stereo receiver, which will ... Read More »