How loud can a Mesa or Marshall guitar amp get in dB?

Answer Both are capable of putting out way more volume than any guitarist needs, but it would be really hard to say. Everything from EQ settings to the speaker characteristics to the type and size of cab... Read More »

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What is the Difference in Sound Between a Mesa Boogie Amp & a Marshall Amp?

Marshall and Mesa Boogie build some of the most popular guitar amps in the world. Both brands are used by professionals, and their sounds are unique: Marshall amps feature a classic "British" tone,... Read More »

My guitar/pickups are making my marshall amp buzz what are my options?

Given you have tested with another cable on the same guitar, it is two usual suspects here. One is a loose ground wire on the guitar.If you touch a metal part on the guitar and the hum/buzz is grea... Read More »

Engl 2x12 Guitar Cabinet 180Watt (used but in excellent condition) or Marshall MG412ACF 4x12, 120Watt (new)?

MG Marshalls are not worthy the name.go for the Engl.

Why does the Land of the Lost theme song say Marshall Will and Holly when the father's name is Rick Marshall?