How long would the internet continue to work if everyone died?

Answer The better question to ask is how long would the power stations run without human supervision?The internet would stop the instant everyone on the Earth died. The internet is more an idea than an el... Read More »

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Would you continue to work with a Colleague with Aids/Hiv ..?

No,I wouldn't!I wouldn't risk to get infected,die and to leave my son an orphan because some people cannot "control" themselves!It's his problem only,not mine!Sounds selfish, well..yes!I have a fa... Read More »

I ordered an Adult PPV movie on Direct TV but I don't have a phone line hooked up so I didn't think it would work It did Can I continue to do this with out it being billed?

If everyone could design a car, what new features would everyone include?

ford did mine long ago 427 cobra..i often drive heavy equipment with joy sticks...i hate it.give me peddles and a wheel

If you got tazered while urinating, would you continue to go, or would the stream be cut off immediately?

tazering causes muscle contractions involuntarily so you would probably start and stop and start and stop